Social Media

Social media is the fastest changing area of the online industry clearly demonstrated by the following:

- 50+% of web traffic is now social media based and growing three times faster than all Internet traffic

- 75% of Internet users regularly visit social sites

- Social sites have a much longer attention span, most Facebook users spend close to one hour a day on the site

It’s a matter of Trust – From an advertising or marketing perspective a social contact is more valuable as it is a proven fact that customers or prospects trust recommendations from social media sources far more than traditional advertising.  Therefore converting these prospect to customers is much easier.

Attractive Return on Investment – Considering the high traffic volume on social sites coupled with the relatively low cost of creating a presence it quickly becomes obvious that social media needs to be part of any organization’s marketing strategy.  Voyager can quickly create a social media presence for your company, please contact us today to get started or enhance your existing social media strategy.