Is Email Dead due to Facebook?

While email rules the corporate world it likely has surpassed it’s peak usage and could very well be losing it’s importance concerning the role it plays in online communications and collaboration.  The next generation of employees grew up communicating using social sites such as Facebook and also text messaging and rarely use email.

While its role is being diminished email certainly is still a vital communication tool and will be for the foreseeable future.  Next week it is expected that Facebook will announce and provide a much better email experience complete with Microsoft Office online in order to keep visitors on their site and to steal additional traffic from popular email services such as GMail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail.  Expect Facebook and other social sites to continue to enhance their sites to become more of a one stop shop for online services.  The larger traffic volume generated by these new services of course means additional advertising revenue for Facebook.

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Social Network Explosive Growth Continues

Popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter growth continues to explode showing no signs of slowing and is rapidly changing the way company’s promote their products and services.  Using these platforms to promote your company is very effective due to the fact that consumers trust their friends opinions more than any other form of advertising.

A commitment to putting a social networking strategy is place will provide immediate benefits to your company.  The setup costs are relatively inexpensive compared to websites and the return on investment is so attractive that every company should have a branded Facebook presence. Even if Facebook is not viewed as a source of attractive lead generation or prospects the costs are so small in comparison to the traffic generated that maintaining a presence is a classic no brainer.  Like any marketing strategy social networking needs an effective plan and execution to become an effective marketing tool to your company.